Our base photography is based on how many total product photos you order.

The more images ordered, the larger the discount.

1 Image


Single Image

2-9 Images


Save 10% per Image

10-29 Images


Save 15% per Image

30+ Images


Save 25% per Image

Lifestyle Packages


Products in Action 

Latte and scone an example of Thrive Product Studio's lifestyle photographyWith all photos, you’ll receive:

* Amazon Ready JPEG – formatted according to Amazon specifications
* Standard 6 business day turn-around
* Minor cleaning included
* Professional photo retouching included (basic)
* Product size up to 24″ longest side included
* Royalty free, unlimited usage forever
* Free reshoot, if you provide detailed shot direction
* Can match any angle or lighting
* Sharable online delivery
* 100% money back guaranteed, no questions
* No clothing except for shoes and socks
* No ghost manikins photography


* Transparent Clipping Paths: $5/per photo add-on
* Reflection: $5/per photo add-on
* Oversized products: $20/per photo add-on, up to 48″ (4 feet)

Eye Lashes an example of Thrive Product Studio's group photography

Group Photography

All group photos are at the base photography rate plus add-on charge. For example, one photo with 3 products would be $35. Two photos with 3 products each would be $60 ($25 X 2 + $5 X 2).

* Photos featuring 2-3 products: $10/per photo add-on
* Photos featuring 4-6 products: $20/per photo add-on
* Photos featuring 7-12 products: $25/per photo add-on



Turn Around Time

All turn around times are guaranteed. You will receive images on or before selected time  (clock starting when we receive your products).

* 6 Day Standard Turn Around: Included (FREE)
* 4 Day Rush Turn Around: $10/per photo add-on
* 2 Day Super Rush Turn Around: $20/per photo add-on

Custom photography available, just ask us!

Including lifestyle shots, models, hand models, props, and design work/photoshopping.