Amazon Infographics

Infographic $65 each

All Infographic come with up to 3 original images per info-graphic, for example, an overall image and 2 detail image. You will be given only one final square JPEG file at 2000px by 2000px.

Each infographic will include 2 free revisions, back and forth between client and designer to allow for changes and adjustments to be made on your infographic.

A detailed description of what you are looking for in your infographic including, color scheme, logo, style, font, etc. is required with each order. If possible, please try to include a visual example of an infographic off the internet that closely resembles to use as a starting of point.

Specific request of anything must be given in writing prior to photoshoot


  • Additional revisions beyond the 2 free (+$10)
  • Add an extra original image into the info-graphic, file itself not provided to client (+$15)
  • JPEG file of one of the images from the info-graphic by itself at 3000px longest side (+$15)
  • Un-flattened PSD photoshop file 3000px by 3000px of your info-graphic, editable (+$15)
  • Extensive graphic design ($80 per hour)
  • Additional non-included photo retouching ($60 per hour)
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It may be impossible to duplicate everything exactly as requested. Sometimes computer-generated digital graphics are used in info-graphics and are not duplicatable. Therefore, we do our best using photography principals and capabilities to apply the instructions the best as possible. Sometimes image angles, size of image, and just overall design can be limiting. Therefore, changes may need to be made by the photographer or the designer without notice. This can be addressed in the 2 free revision and is partly why we offer free revisions.